COVID-19 Certification Course for Clinical Awareness and Management

Covid-19 Certification for Clinical Awareness & Management

"First Batch Completed"- on 28 June 2020

For healthcare workers and professionals it is imperative to have through understanding of the COVID-19 situation, clinical management of the same and guidelines that drive the management. Many health workers worldwide are learning day in and day out on how to address it, as the outbreak of novel coronavirus has been recognized as a pandemic by the World Health Organization.

In this course, you’ll learn the latest of guidelines and directions towards clinical management of COVID-19, presented by our experts in live session.


The purpose of this course

This certification course is meant for anyone who falls under the definition of healthcare worker or otherwise one who performs any such similar activity or aspiring to be joining the healthcare sector so that they are aware of the facts, protocols, best practices to handle themselves and the patients with effective clinical management at current unprecedented difficult times.

For any healthcare worker, awareness and informed decision making along with, most importantly, learning from practical experiences is the need of the hour. This certification course is exactly focused on that to make you better prepared for clinical handling and case management.

What topics will you cover?

  • Epidemiology & Clinical presentation
  • Transmission
  • Immunity & prevention
  • Clinical Management
  • Information & Guidelines for Healthcare Workers
  • Case Management


Who is the course for?

Given that there is a heavy demand for healthcare workers and shortage thereof to handle current pandemic situation world over, it is an opportunity to get certified with the knowledge on protocols, directions of clinical management of COVID-19 and standout amongst your peers.

  • Existing or aspiring healthcare workers
  • Students pursing study in medicine, nursing, diagnostics etc.
  • Any professional or commoner who wishes to have generic awareness of COVID-19 situation and clinical management of the same

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